Hospital Bed – Stryker Secure II (Refurbished)


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The Secure II is a fully electric medical/surgical bed that combines practical engineering with smart bed technology to help provide a patient platform that not only meets patients’ needs but also the needs of those who care for them.
The Reconditioned bed and patient controls are located at both head-end side rails and at the foot-end of the bed to provide a convenient, three-sided point of care. It’s unique bed frame construction eliminates pinch and crush points and is easier to clean. Strong, ergonomically designed and durable bedside rails assist patients getting in and out of the bed safely. Also, the bed features a four-wheel, steel-ring brake system with centrally-located activation pedals.

Secure II Bed

  • Hand control – user has the ability to control bed high/low, and head/knee up/down and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg. Has controls for both the in bed user and caregiver.
  • Trendelenburg – allows the user to place the bed in a tilted position which enables their head/neck to be lower than their lower extremities
  • Reverse Trendelenburg – allows the user to place the bed in a tilted position which enables their lower extremities to be lower than their head/neck
  • Dining Chair® One Button Feature – allows the user to be in a fully seated position in the bed
  • One-hand bed extender – allows the bed to be extended an additional 4″
  • Mattress stops – helps reduce the mattress from sliding
  • Battery backup – if a power outage occurs the battery back up can be used to operate 15 full cycles of the high/low and head/knee sections when fully charged
  • Lockout controls – ability to disable functions on the hand control to protect the patient from functions that may be at risk for their condition. Ideal for dementia and Alzheimers  patients.
  • Head of bed angle indicator – show the head angle of the bed with respect to the floor. Ideal for those who’s doctor have directed the patient to be a specific head angles.
  • Large easy to read Control, with bright, universal symbols, allowing residents and staff to easily operate the comfort controls of the bed.