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    Synergy Diagnostics is a one of kind Neurodiagnostic facility that fits the needs of both patients and physicians. We cover a wide range of testing including but not limited to: Routine EEG, Long-term EEG and in-home Ambulatory EEG recording. Our friendly Administrative staff, technologists and physicians SYNERGISTICALLY collaborate delivering the most accurate clinical outcomes while maintaining the comfort environment of your own home!

    Synergy Diagnostics accepts both in and out of network insurance benefits and offers financial assistance programs for patients that may have a difficulty meeting their financial responsibility of their insurance coverage. Assistance programs also available for patients without insurance.

    Reasons for Video Ambulatory EEG

    Neonatal and Pediatric Stroke
    Intermittent Word Finding Difficulties
    Head Trama/Post-Concussion Syndrome
    Altered Consciousness
    Autism/ADD/Behavior Disorders
    Medication Monitoring
    Unusual Spells or Episodes
    Complicated or Refractory Headaches

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    “Very convenient and fast services. Would definitely recommend Tiny Minds.”
    Terah from Houston, TX
    “Tiny Minds is great! Very professional, caring and understanding to patients needs and brings focus to what is best of more comfortable for children.”
    Brittany from Porter, TX
    “Awesome service and made my son feel very comfortable.”
    Emily from Montgomery, TX
    “The whole experience was great, our daughter usually puts up a fight with new things, but she was at ease with everything through the 24 hours. All and all we are satisfied with the testing.”
    Jessica from Houston, TX
    “Marcelo was very helpful and friendly. He was able to answer all my questions and put me at ease.”
    Laura from Houston, TX
    “I appreciate all the help with my daughter and the patience to explain to us the whole procedure. Thank you!”
    Kim from Spring, TX
    “Very professional and made the process much less stressful.”
    Becky from Houston,TX
    “My son has issues with new people, but he loved being around these techs.”
    Laura from Cleveland, TX
    “Marcelo and Kelli were fast, efficient and very courteous.”
    Lisa from Pearland, TX
    “They were very personable and friendly.”
    Lindsay from Corrigan TX