Turnkey Mobile EEG Service

We provide a complete turnkey EEG service to help physicians increase revenue and focus on treating more patients.

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Diagnostic EEG Services

insurance Verification

Certified Medical Insurance Specialist on staff to ensure thorough and accurate insurance verifications, pre-authorizations, and estimations of patient responsibility. No billing surprises for patients or physicians.


Team of schedulers available to reach out to patients to both schedule their test and prepare them for what to expect. We are proactive and will continue to follow-up to get it scheduled when we don’t reach them the first time. We will communicate directly with your office as needed to take care of your patients!

Routine & Long Term EEGS

Experienced EEG technicians available to be on-site in the clinic, to travel to patient’s homes, or both! Setup and takedown of EEGs included. We have no geographical boundaries and operate 7 days a week.

Remote EEG Monitoring

Team of Monitoring Technicians who will monitor 24/7 and document according to CPT code requirements. 24/7 patient support line available for patients to reach out with any questions or concerns at any time throughout their study. On-call technicians will travel to the patient’s home when needed for necessary maintenance.

Report Preparation

Team of Registered EEG Technologists who will annotate and clip each study and prepare a preliminary report. Board Certified Neurologists on staff for physician interpretation.

Billing & Claims Cycle Management

Certified Medical Insurance Specialist will oversee the billing process to ensure thorough and accurate coding for maximum reimbursement. Use of electronic medical records software allows us to even bill FOR you, under your NPI, as well as to keep up with claim status in real-time so that we can proactively address any issues, submit appeals, minimize denials, and maximize reimbursement, while also keeping things simple and clear for your patients.

Solutions We Provide

Too many patients, not enough appointment slots?

Free up your exam rooms by completing EEGs in-home.

Too much hassle to manage an EEG department?

We have the administrative and clinical staff to take care of the whole process. No need to pay extra salaries and benefits.

No physician qualified to interpret EEGs?

We can send you a complete report with interpretation done by a board-certified neurologist.

Too difficult to staff 24/7 for essential monitoring?

Our team of Monitoring Technicians is available 24/7, even as a standalone service for EEGs completed by you.

Issues with Billing / Reimbursement?

As EEG specialists, we are experts at coding accurately and proactively managing claims for maximum reimbursement of the whole process.

How It Works

Provider sees patient, determines EEG is medically necessary, and sends us the order. Patient’s insurance is verified and pre-authorizations processed when necessary.

The patient is contacted by phone, text, and/or email to schedule their appointment. The test is set up, monitored, and removed by qualified EEG service technicians.

Data is uploaded to a secure server and reviewed, clipped, and annotated by a Registered EEG Technologist. A preliminary report is prepared for the physician so that interpretation can be quick and easy.
Data is either sent to the provider to read themselves or interpreted by a Board-Certified Neurologist. Final report is ready for the provider.